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Our Policy's and Terms

The terms of our service are that all services are provided in an online manor, these being services that are not sent through any postal method all contact details and logins will be provided via the client area and will be emailed to you as per your signup email.

You agree to use your account/service in a manor that is legal within the country of your account being hosted. I.e. USA then US Law will apply. If the UK then UK laws will apply this then goes through any country that the service is hosted in the local laws will apply.

Enforcement of rules we do not allow people to use our services in any manor which is not legal. If you misuse your account we will cancel your account. We do not allow IRC, Spamming & Network Spoofing or anything that would violate copyright in any manor.

The content of your hosted service is down to the account holder they agree to enforce these policy's at all times, If you notice that our policy's are being violated we ask you to report it to our abuse department via our website.

Payments are made in advance for all services and must be cleared status not pending we may ask you for ID at anytime if to prevent fraud when ordering a new service.

Refund Policy, please read this carefully as not all products are refundable. Servers, Domain Names, Management services are not refundable at all nor can be changed, VPS Servers running windows are non refundable as are software licences, Hosting products like reseller hosting, hosting, Shoutcast services and Linux VPS, SSL Certificates are refundable in the first 14 days of service if not happy with the provision of service provided.

If after 14 days this will be up to management to decide, no refund will be greater than 50% of the value of the monthly service fee excluding licences to which there is no refunds as well as on setup fees.

We use auto billing for some services, it is up to you to maintain the details or cancel any auto payment we are not able to do so. If your service for example was cancelled and you made a payment in that case you would get a full refund all requests should be made within 28 days via the help desk, we will not accept requests in any other manor.

Misuse of services where this happens you will not be entitled to any refund at all, this includes if your site is hacked, We provide a backup service you can use if your not sure how to do this ask a member of staff or open a ticket on our helpdesk, please note that your service will depend on the backup of your service we also highly advise you to keep your own backup's at all times this is for Hosting & Reseller Hosting products. VPS Servers & Dedicated servers this is down to the customer we will not store backup's as this is a self managed service you have.

Crime, if your using your service to commit a crime, we will disable your service and share information on request with law enforcement at all times.

Shoutcast Royalties it is down to the customer to be licenced we do not provide anything other than the hardware/software to run your service. We do not keep logs of what you play at anytime. You have stat software and this will allow you to do your reporting.

Free Trial, if your having a trial of a service this will be limited to 28 days after this time you need to make a payment to keep the service or it will be cancelled and deleted.

Past Due accounts we reserve a right to charge a late payment fee this is currently 10% of your invoice fee this fee is automatically added after a short time.

Cancellation all submissions must be done from the client area at all times. We require 10 days notice for all services/products and non payment is not notice of cancellation. We reserve the right to charge you fees in order to recover the amount owed to the point where if you had provided notice it would apply that would typically be a month's service rate plus reasonable costs to recover the amount owed.

Credit, we do not provide credit accounts forthwith.

You agree to Indemnify www.simpleitnetworks.co.uk its staff and owners from any costs that you incur or losses that you may incur we will attempt to provide you with at least 99.95% uptime SLA we will monitor the base services and the data used to monitor these will act as final say in what uptime actually is as many factors can affect the service provided as it is a global thing we monitor from 9 locations all over the world as well as using local monitoring reporting from the machines themselves that are connected to our operations team. In no manor at all will you be able to claim more than the current service you have been invoiced you will only be entitled to account credits.

Support all requests should be made via our website using the online options that are there for you to use. We do not provide telephone support at all.

Privacy, we do not store data other than is needed for legal reasons, this data is only shared where it needs to be i.e. with paypal or payment processors or law enforcement or in order to supply your service. We do not sell information or hand out customers details to anyone unless they have a court order issued in the UK,

English law will always be applied in anything that is not covered above. We can be contacted 24 hours a day through our website the helpdesk is always active, and the chat system is manned during UK daytime hours, there is also a 24 hour telephone number which is manned during office hours outside these hours you can leave a voice message which will forward to our operations team they will act as required dependant on the message left.

Other agreements like them for ssl and domains may apply to other services which can be obtained from the manufactures websites these are in addition to these terms.

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